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The Wyvern Contract

The New Narakort Inn seeks a supplier of fresh wyvern meat. We need three steaks. Inquire with the innkeeper.


Food Wyvern Meat Food Wyvern Meat Food Wyvern Meat

People Novigrad traveller

This is one of the most straightforward quests. The Innkeeper at The New Narakort in the Trade Quarter wants three wyvern steaks, and the only place to get wyvern steaks is from freshly killed wyverns. A quick trip to the swamp and a bit of swordplay (or sign casting) is all that is required.


  • Bug! He does not always actually remove them from your inventory, but you still get the experience/reward for the quest. Sometimes, if you have more than three steaks in inventory, he will remove all you have.
  • You can find wyverns in the swamp, on the aptly named Wyvern Island. Collect the desired amount of meat and return for a reward.
  • Wyvern steaks are also very useful for feeding the starving elves on the lakeshore in Murky Waters. Set some of the extra steaks you get aside for them. About six will do, unless you enjoy feeding surly elves. The rest can be sold for some easy cash as they do tend to pile up.
  • Wyvern and royal wyvern remains will contain these steaks with or without their bestiary entries.


Wyvern Meat

The innkeeper at the New Narakort will pay anyone who brings him three portions of wyvern meat. I need to obtain three portions of wyvern meat for the innkeeper.


I have enough meat to see the innkeeper sat[sic] the New Narakort and collect my reward. I should see the innkeeper and claim my reward.


The innkeeper gladly took the wyvern meat from me. I wonder how much his guests will pay for that stringy filth. I received my reward for the wyvern meat. (200 Items Oren + 5000 XP)

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