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Therazane is a powerful earth elemental which had been imprisoned by its previous owner in a magical prison, located inside elven ruins found just underneath Moldavie Residence.

Bestiary Entry[]

I do not believe in ghosts - it is that simple. But my men say the house shakes at night, walls crumble, why, even the floors move about...
Kurt Dysart, Count of Anchor
There's no such thing as a risk-free real estate investment. It might turn out your new home has a leaky roof, structural rot in the attic, a scratched floor in the living room... or elven ruins beneath its foundations, and within them an enormous earth elemental just waiting for a chance to break free of its chains.
Fighting such a monster is no easy task. Its tough outer husk deflects all but the strongest blows. It can liquefy a man's bones with one crushing blow from its fists - thus, one should never near it without first casting the Quen Sign. One should have the Yrden Sign at the ready as well, whereas the other signs - Igni, Aard and Axii - are completely ineffective against it.
In the end the witcher triumphed over the powerful earth elemental, and in doing so won gratitude of, and a reward from, Count Dysart.

Associated Quest[]


  • The name Therazane is a reference to World of Warcraft, where the elemental lord of Earth is also called Therazane.