Thornwald was a witcher from the School of the Wolf. He was famous as the only one who continued to wear the armor and helmet of the original witchers.

Biography Edit

He was the one who saved Geralt's father from a pack of werewolves and laid claim on Geralt in accordance with the Law of Surprise.

Years later, Geralt was accused of defying the witcher code. Thornwald travelled to Kaer Morhen to duel him. They both wore traditional heavy armour, Geralt for the first time in his life. Still, he walked out of it alive. Thornwald didn't.

Notes Edit

  • This character appears only in The Hexer TV series. In the books, Geralt's story is different: Visenna brought him to Kaer Morhen herself, of her own will, and without being obliged to do so by the Law of Suprise.
  • Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni adapted the series' elements into its own lore, including the traditional armor worn by members of the Order of Witchers. Since the series do not specify Thornwald's birthdate, it is unknown whether was he trained in Kaer Morhen and simply liked the traditional clothing, or belonged to first witchers created and wore the armor out of sentiment.

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