• Hey! Do you remember me? I'm this person. Just changed my account.

    Anyways I'll be quick, someone reccomended me that I contacted you if I had some question about the witcher universe, so that's why I'm here.

    Remember my ugly maps I made some years ago? Well I'm remaking them, and I'm having problems figuring out where the borders should go. I want to put the borders where they are at the start of the saga, that means the first book, do you think this is a good reference?

    That's all for now, saludos!

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    • Hello there, been quite some time!

      Yeah as far as using CD Projekt-made map as the shape of this world, the particular version you linked is preeety close but:

      • At the start of the saga, Cintra is not yet absorbed into Nilfgaard
      • Sodden + Brugge arent vassals of Temeria yet at that point (they actually belong to Cintra)
      • Aedirn Gorne (Upper Aedirn) is Aedirnian
      • Angren's status is unknown at the beginning of the saga but it surely doesnt belong to Temeria

      So... that's that.

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    • TBH this map's Angren isn't even the Saga's Angren :P

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