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    I've noticed you're editing some of the stats for grandmaster sets or others. For now, please don't edit those any further as there appears to be an issue going on with them. I added those stats directly from the game and have since went in to doublecheck some in case I had done a typo but some are clearly a set number in my game (for instance, the grandmaster ursine torusers' elemental damage is 25% for me, not 28%). I'm hoping it's not due to a level but can you check yours to see what level the gear is at? I tested this one at a level 40.

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    • No I got it, neither of us is wrong. It appears their stats change a bit after starting NG+

      I loaded my backup save from pre NG+ and I had 25% then too but on my current game it's 28% The chest resistance against monsters was also 46% instead of 47% on pre NG+

      But the stats on Legendary Mastercrafted boots were definitely wrong as they were the same as Superior.

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    • Oh ew. So it sounds like the NG+ versions change then based on level? And here I thought at the very least those would have one standard T_T

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    • No I don't think it works based on level, the boosts are probably set. Like White Raffard's Decoction restores a higher % of HP on NG+.

      Of course it does beg the question whether all the non-legendary sets get these boost after starting a NG+? Although I highly doubt it, I think these changes only occure for Master and Grandmaster sets.

      You know I still have my mastercrafted wolven armor in storage I could check if it's stats changed.

      Ok I checked the stats of all armor sets and it seems that only the Grandmaster sets get these minor boosts. As the Mastercrafter wolven was unchanged and same goes for the Viper set from HoS.

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