• Of all of the abilities in this game, my favorite one is Crippling Shot under the crossbow section. Or actually what I mean is it is my favorite ability on paper, but I still don't know how it works. It says critical hits with the crossbow disable monster special abilities for 25 seconds at rank 5. While wearing a full set of Manticore Armor and having Cat Eyes equipped, I am guaranteed a critical hit from just about every shot. But I'm not sure if the effect is working or not. In fact, I'm not even sure what a monster special ability is. I tried it on an Alp, but it still managed to do its special scream. I tried it on a Leshen, but it still manages to summon roots even before the 25 seconds are up. Beanshies still summon Wights, Alghouls still do their screams and regenerate health. So far, on my Steam GOTY version I think I've only seen this ability stop Foglets from hiding in the fog. So either I'm not understanding this ability, or it's bugged for me. Have you ever tried this ability before? I know the crossbow is underrated, but this skill does seem interesting. And you have the updated version on GOG, so it might work differently for you.

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    • It's not something I could do proper research for. If it disables Foglets ability to fade away, then I can only assume the "special abilities" are ones that make combat more difficult. For example it may be able to force Alghouls to hide their spikes. In other words abilities that we can disable through other means. But those are just assumptions as I can't tell what is a special ability, also do all monsters have special abilities? If so what could a drowners special ability be?

      So I can't make an article on that as I cannot actually be certain whether the ability disables anything or is it just the monster deciding not to use it's special ability. This is something that would require explanation from the developers.

      PS: I checked if it hides the Alghoul spikes and it doesn't. On the other hand if it prevents their activation then I will never know that for certain.

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    • I understand your point. There is really no telling if this skill is working, or if the monsters are just choosing not to use their abilities. There is no visual indication that tells the player that this skill works, nor does it say anything in the combat log. This skill would be perfect for a professional witcher in the lore, but useless in this game. 

      I figured that the spikes weren't the special ability since the bestiary says that Axii is what is used to disable Alghoul spikes. But thanks for trying this out for me. 

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