@Bizippo/Juraj Just wanted to check something with your language versions of the books, I'm presuming this is a translation error.

In Blood of Elves, at the start, we are told three enchantresses were said to have died at Sodden Hill; Triss, Coral and one other whose name Donimir couldn't remember, implying the rest were all male. I think it's safe to assume this one other was Vanielle, as Vanielle doesn't really (imo) sound like a man's name. 

However in BoE, right at the end of Chapter Three, Triss says "I realised that the pile of rags was Yoel and that thing next to her...", implying that Yoel was a woman. But in SoD (last page of Chapter Seven), just after Geralt visits the obelisk, Yurga says "perhaps you knew him". So i'm confused. Hah.

Was just wondering what he/she is referred to in both instances in your versions?

EDIT; Googling the names seems to confirm that Vanielle is a feminine name and Yoel is a masculine name, felt it better to check just in case, though.

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