Very nice idea. I like that so much. As for the list:

  • Magne = It's based on Magne Division flag that appeared in GWENT. Not described whatsoever.
  • Gemmera = In fact, I wanna display brown version in the infobox.
  • Anchor = Unofficial and IMO ugly (made by me so I can say such things xD).
  • Vizima = Based on COA of Temeria in times of Dezmod, not official though.
  • Donimir = We should just use the one we use now.
  • Kaedwen = Wait for Ruttou's versions of flag and COA, we'll use those.
  • Kerack = Eh, actually, neither. Have you ever seen the COA of Dauphiny in France? The dolphin should be in a position like that on Kerackian emblem as well (and in Czech books, it is)...
  • Maribor = Its COA description is vague, only stating red and silver lilies. Think should decide which interpretation to use.

BTW: can you somehow add a COA field to Locations box similar to the one kingdoms have? We have few cities like Rivia or Novigrad which have emblems.

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