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Tjalve was the son of Lothar in 1272 who fell deathly ill from a cursed nithing planted by his father's scorned lover, Jonna.


If Geralt investigates: on learning Jonna had planted the nithing, he asked her to lift it, which the herbalist agreed to but with for a steep price: she wished for Lothar to denounce Tjalve, which would mean Lothar stripping his wife and son of honor and condemning them to poverty.

If Geralt gets Lothar to agree: Lothar reluctantly agreed, and while he saved Tjalve's life by doing so, it also meant condemning him to a harsh upbringing.
If Geralt turns the curse on Jonna: siding with Lothar, Geralt turned the curse on Jonna, saving the boy and allowing Lothar to stay with his family.

Associated Quest[]