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To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It may only be obtained from the corpse of Ronvid of the Small Marsh if he's killed during the final confrontation in Face Me if You Dare!.

Journal Entry[]

Such is my quest - to wander the villages of this fair land of Velen singing the praises of Maid Bilberry. I shall bring due fame to her unequalled beauty and her unparalleled charms. Maid Bilberry is without a doubt the most intelligent, most understanding and most compassionate of all creatures to walk this our imperfect world. I shall immediately and with full prejudice correct any man who dares to claim otherwise. The most stubborn and foolhardy of these ignorami shall taste of my family blade. Indeed, just the other day I came across a certain gentleman fondling some tart and having the cheek to call her "my most beautiful little flower." This enraged me so egregiously that I decided to explain to the fool the magnitude of his error, but he refused to listen, and when I insisted further, he fled. This truly is a land of cowards. I shall not rest until I've convinced all the locals that they should direct their compliments to Maid Bilberry - and only Maid Bilberry.

Associated Quest[]