Toderas is an abandoned village located in eastern Velen. Most of the peasants in this village are dead, having been killed off by several small groups of bandits.

When first passing through, Geralt can come across two groups of people arguing over who gets to loot the bodies, having both helped in killing the people. Geralt can either choose to stay out of it, in which case the groups will fight each other, or insult them and thus the two groups will attack Geralt.

Later on, the village will be overrun by ghouls.

Map description

Village founded by King Griffin of Temeria, the husband of Clarissa of Toussaint. The king had planned to turn Toderas into a large, bustling university city, a sort of Temerian alternative to Oxenfurt, but, as any visitor can quickly attest, his efforts failed utterly.

Associated quest

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