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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location. For the sword in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see Tor Lara (sword).

Tor Lara, also known as The Tower of the Gull, is the fortified peak of Garstang Palace that rises above all the other structures on Thanedd Island.[1]

Due to the metal that surrounds the spire, the tower attracts a great deal of lightning during storms, which can be seen for miles around.[1]



After the Age of Migration in the 1240s BR, the Aen Seidhe constructed the grand complex and tower atop the rocky island, with the help of magic to lift the heavy stone of which it was built. They constructed a portal in the top of the tower to connect to another elven tower, Tor Zireael.[1]

Brotherhood Takeover[]

In the late 8th century, after the First Landing of humans, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers took over the palace and began to primarily base their operations from there. Immanuel Benavent, a member of the Brotherhood, later discovered his namesake portal in the tower. Many mages wanted the fame of discovering Tor Zireael, the mythical seat of elven mages and safes, though due to the portal being irreversibly warped, many who went through were chaotically transported to random locations, causing casualties. It was decided to be blocked up, causing protests among the Brotherhood.[1]

Thanedd Coup[]

At the start of July 1267, after the coup on the island, Ciri escaped using the portal but because of its nature, was ejected in mid-air over the Korath desert.[1] The result caused an explosion in the tower, reducing the structure to rubble.