Disambig-icon This article is about the location in the saga. For the fourth volume in the saga, see The Tower of the Swallow.

Tower of the Swallow (Elder Speech: Tor Zireael), is a tower on the north shore of Tarn Mira, a clover-shaped lake, in the Mil Tracta region. It was originally believed to be paired with Tor Lara on Thanedd. However, the portals became unstable and people eventually forgot where Tor Zireael was located. To add to the confusion, the tower's magical nature made it "lost" to the ages as many just see ruins where it sits and rarely does it reveal itself through the fog before disappearing just as quickly. As such, even notable scholars believe the tower is now just a myth.

In reality, it still exists but only shows itself to certain people and contains many magic portals through which one can travel to many different worlds. It's further believed that only chosen ones could command the tower to open a portal within, giving it the moniker "Gate of Worlds" and "Threshold of Time".[1]

In late 1267, Ciri, believing she could use the portal within to take her back to Thanedd and far away from those hunting her, made haste for this tower, eventually entering, but instead of going back to the island she entered the elven world of the Aen Elle.[2]



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