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Torque is a sylvan who lived in the mountains and helped the elves by stealing food and medicine.


Stealing Goods for the Elves

Torque attacks Geralt of Rivia and Jaskier. He charges at Geralt and knocks him to the ground. During his second attack, Geralt grabs him by the horns and slams him to the ground. To his surprise, he can talk. Rather than killing Torque, Geralt shows mercy, allowing him to live so long as he leaves. However, someone sneaks up behind Geralt and knocks him out.

Geralt and Jaskier wake up in a cave, tied up back-to-back and surrounded by elves. Geralt and Jaskier are repeatedly hit by a sick elf named Toruviel. Geralt waits until she gets close enough, and he headbutts her, at which point they are joined by Torque and the king of the elves, Filavandrel. Torque has been stealing goods for them ever since they were forced out of Dol Blathanna. This comes as a surprise to Jaskier, who has been under the impression that the elves willingly left to return to their "golden palaces," when in reality they retreated to simple caves.

Unfortunately, they can't allow Geralt and Jaskier to leave in fear that Posada will learn that they've been stealing, causing the humans to attack, which would undoubtedly result in casualties on both sides. So to avoid war, Filavandrel must kill and silence them. Torque immediately advocates the opposite however, indicating Geralt's non-human mutations and his mercy. Geralt himself advises them to rebuild elsewhere and grow in numbers, and Toruviel speaks to Filavandrel about how a new generation of elves who wish to fight have come, and that she'd rather bring war to the humans than live cowering from them. Convinced, Filavandrel takes his aides' advice and decides to let Geralt and Jaskier go.[1]


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