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Torres var Emreis was the Emperor of Nilfgaard in the 12th century.


Governing the Empire[]

Born to the Emreis family,[1] Torres ruled the Nilfgaardian Empire from the Imperial Palace in the city of Nilfgaard since at least around 1135. That exact year, he placed a carp with gold, commemorative medal bearing his likeness attached to its gills into the palace's artificial pond.[4]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

He was considered to be the true founder of Nilfgaardian might.[1] As the Emperor, he introduced several reforming edicts. In one he made the Nilfgaardian Army more cavalry-focused, while in another he chose to unite subjects in worship under the cult of the Great Sun, making it a state religion and patron of the imperial house.[5]

He also proved to be a fairly skilled commander, repulsing invasions from Gemmera more than once. His attempt at subjugating Vicovaro, however, failed and had to retreat despite the fact that, at one point, the way he took it was discussed as far as Cintra. Eventually, he had been succeeded by his son Fergus.[1]


Decades on, when he had overthrown and killed Emperor Fergus, the Usurper decided to hide his peasant origins and instead ordered historians to unearth documents validating him as an illegitimate son of Emperor Torres.[2]

End of game canon content.

In 1267, the carp he originally realized died at the age of 132. Contemporaneous emperor, Emhyr var Emreis, planned to replace it with another that would bear his likeness.[6]