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"I shall organize, see to everything and whip the house into order."
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I like the way you die, human!
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- Toruviel, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Toruviel aep Sihiel was a free elf from Dol Blathanna or the Blue Mountains. Originally a subject of Filavandrel, she became a Scoia'tael member and later joined the Vrihedd Brigade.


Mission in the Valley

Toruviel was part of the squad responsible for contacting Torque, a sylvan spying in Lower Posada for the elves to help them get food and learn agriculture. When their agent was endangered by the witcher Geralt of Rivia, who'd been hired to deal with the sylvan, she was among those who knocked out the witcher and the bard Dandelion and proceeded to tie them up.

When the two woke up, Toruviel began to berate the bard and beat him before breaking his lute. Enraged at this, Geralt provoked Toruviel to come closer and, despite being tied up, managed to headbutt the elf, breaking her nose. With that, Toruviel made to kill the witcher but lost control and broke down crying while the other elves proceeded to bandage her nose.

Later, after Dana Méadbh intervened and prevented Geralt and Dandelion's execution, the still-bandaged Toruviel gave Dandelion her own lute to replace the one she had destroyed.[1]

Northern War II

When Scoia'tael units were formed to fight humans, Toruviel joined a commando together with Yaevinn and Cairbre aep Diared. In June 1267, while the three were on reconnaissance, she kicked Yaevinn to wake him up after Cairbre noticed a lone rider on the road from Tretogor to Aedirn. Though Toruviel tried to discourage her comrade, stating one lone human wasn't worth the effort, Yaevinn shot the commander, unaware that sparing his life would have prevented the provocation at Glevitzingen and the subsequent war.[2]

Later, in early August, Toruviel and Ciaran aep Dearbh were wounded and guided by Milva to Col Serrai for healing. Not long after though, the two received news that Coinneach Dá Reo's commando was recruiting new elves and went to join him despite Milva's objections.[3]

Toruviel and Yaevinn took part in the Battle of Brenna as members of the Vrihedd Brigade under Isengrim Faoiltiarna. At one point in the battle Menno Coehoorn ordered Vrihedd to strike at the point where Redanians under Kobus de Ruyter stood near the Temerians.[4] Toruviel took part in the charge and was wounded in her arm by a 15 year old Redanian pikeman just before she cut his skull. She did not feel pain until the brigade breached the frontline and reached the tents and wagons.[5] There, Yaevinn broke into Rusty's tent, murdering the wounded until he saw a Nilfgaardian. Toruviel called to him to retreat after Blenheim Blenckert's reinforcements arrived.


After the defeat at Brenna, a still wounded Toruviel and 7 other members of her commando fled. They spent some time in the forest, starving and pursued by White Rayla. During this time the "commando" met Lucienne's wagon with invalid Temerian veterans inside. Despite her comrades remarking to "keep dignity" and not look the humans in the eye, Tourviel did so and, while the veterans were initially scared of the elves, they handed food over to the broken elves before the commando continued to flee into the forests.[4]

Later during the escape, Toruviel realized that the blood flow, fever, and fainting slowed their escape down. She left her bow, arrows, horse, and comrades and headed for one of the refugee camps they had encountered before. When she approached their campfire, she dropped her sword and asked for help after which she just fainted. Luckily, an old priestess of Melitele, Tammira, along with a young novice, prevented a hasty young bloke nicknamed "the Eye" from killing the elf on the spot and started to tend to her wounds.

In the morning the refugees decamped and got into their carts, taking Toruviel with them despite the Eye's protests. Toruviel was weakened and often napped.[5]

The Witcher

Just like Yaevinn in the Swamp, Toruviel appears as the leader of a Scoia'tael group at the Lakeside. Unlike the books, Toruviel is presented as being of lower (if only slightly) rank than Yaevinn. In the books, the reverse is true and the disparity in rank greater. According to White Rayla at the end of Chapter IV, Toruviel's 'full name' is Toruviel Aep Shihiel.

Depending on which path Geralt follows, Toruviel is a possible sexual encounter and the conversation between the witcher and the elf, pre-encounter, is a lot of fun.

Note: This sex card can only be obtained if Geralt chooses the Scoia'tael path in the course of the game. It happens at the Scoia'tael hideout in Old Vizima.

Journal entry

Toruviel leads a group of free elves who have fled persecution and ended up near Murky Waters. The elf is proud and bitter, though not as cynical as Yaevinn.
White Rayla and her group reached Murky Waters in pursuit of the free elves. Toruviel took the inhabitants of the village hostage and demanded free passage for her people.
Items Squirrel tail Scoia'tael's path:
I helped Toruviel in her fight against the knights of the Order who had been pursuing her. Thanks to my aid the non-humans defeated White Rayla's forces.
The elf returned to Vizima to take part in Yaevinn's uprising and was killed in the street during the fighting.

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