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I like the way you die, human!
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- Toruviel, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Toruviel aep Sihiel was a free elf from Dol Blathanna and a subject of Filavandrel. After capturing Geralt and Dandelion she acted with cruelty towards them, to which the witcher (despite being in bonds) responded with equal cruelty. Later, after the creation of the Scoia'tael commandos, she joined the fight against humans. She took part in the Battle of Brenna. When fleeing from the battlefield, she received food from merciful humans, which probably changed her attitude towards that race.

The Witcher

Just like Yaevinn in the Swamp, Toruviel appears as the leader of a Scoia'tael group at the Lakeside. Unlike the books, Toruviel is presented as being of lower (if only slightly) rank than Yaevinn. In the books, the reverse is true and the disparity in rank greater. According to White Rayla at the end of Chapter IV, Toruviel's 'full name' is Toruviel Aep Shihiel.

Depending on which path Geralt follows, Toruviel is a possible sexual encounter and the conversation between the witcher and the elf, pre-encounter, is a lot of fun.

Note: This sex card can only be obtained if Geralt chooses the Scoia'tael path in the course of the game. It happens at the Scoia'tael hideout in Old Vizima.

Journal entry

Toruviel leads a group of free elves who have fled persecution and ended up near Murky Waters. The elf is proud and bitter, though not as cynical as Yaevinn.
White Rayla and her group reached Murky Waters in pursuit of the free elves. Toruviel took the inhabitants of the village hostage and demanded free passage for her people.
Items Squirrel tail Scoia'tael's path:
I helped Toruviel in her fight against the knights of the Order who had been pursuing her. Thanks to my aid the non-humans defeated White Rayla's forces.
The elf returned to Vizima to take part in Yaevinn's uprising and was killed in the street during the fighting.

Associated quests

Andrzej Sapkowski

The elf standing over Dandelion had black eyes and raven hair, which fell luxuriantly over her shoulders, except for two thin plaits braided at her temples. She was wearing a short leather camisole over a loose shirt of green satin, and tight woollen leggings tucked into riding boots. Her hips were wrapped around with a colored shawl which reached halfway down her thighs.
pg. 192, The Last Wish (UK edition)
She had long lashes, an unnaturally pale complexion and parched, cracked lips. She wore a necklace of carved golden birch pieces on a thong, wrapped around her neck several times.
pg. 192, The Last Wish (UK edition)




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