Tourney scribe's notes is a document in the Blood and Wine expansion. It lists the participants in the 1275 knights' tourney of Toussaint.

During the tournament, Geralt has to talk to a scribe to be able to officially take part in the contest either as Geralt of Rivia or Ravix of Fourhorn. The scribe is located at the southern end of the Tourney Grounds in a round tent.

Associated Quest

Journal Entry

The International Knights' Tourney under the patronage of Lady Vivienne de Tabris, 1275
Participants registered and qualified to take part in the contest:
Gregoire de Gorgon, winner of last year's tourney. He shall not participate in the general competition, but shall fight in the final bout against the knight who earns the most points. (All signs seem to indicate Gregoire will defend his title.)
Anséis, Prince of Lyria and Rivia, joining us for the third time in a row
Horm Akerspaark, Prince of Maecht, rumored to be of the Emperor Emhyr's blood, here for his fourth tourney
Baron Palmerin de Launfal, his sixth time in the tourney
Donimir of Troy, a Redanian knight, his first time in the tourney
Rainfarn of Attre, for the seventh time in the tourney, victor of the 1269 edition
Guy de Bois-Fresnes of Metinna (a second cousin of Reynart de Bois-Fresnes, one of Her Grace's knights errant), third time in the tourney
Delwyn of Creigiau, a young knight, in the tourney for the first time
Tailles of Dorndal, a knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose, first time in the tourney
Llinos of Metinna, third time in the tourney
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