Tower mage's book is a quest item and thus it can neither be bought nor sold. This quest item appears to serve no purpose after it's read.


Tower mage's book
written by himself
Regardless of all his madness, Alzur managed to arrive at some surprising results. He came to the conclusion that he would discover the secrets of animating inanimate matter when he learned to animate energy. According to Alzur, a golem would work only when filled with living power that would imitate a divine pneuma - a soul. The wizard did not have a chance to finish his research but his experiments revealed the secret of the Thunder and Shield spells. Alzur was able to summon living lightning capable of locating and following its target, and a living shield capable of releasing such lightning. The fools would only see his discoveries as weapons even more powerful than the viy of Maribor or the infamous koshchey. However, I can clearly see that Alzur's Thunder is yet another stop on the path leading to creating a perfect being.

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