Transit pass is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Despite being an obvious forgery of the official letter of safe conduct, it still allows Geralt to pass through the Redanian checkpoints.

There are two ways to obtain this one:

Journal entry Edit

Know ye that these present writings do give and grant the right of passage across the Pontar and its subsidiaries, unobstructed by any blockade or other such obstacle, to the bearer thereof. Whoever doth hinder this right must desist in his unlawful skullduggery or sorely regret it forthwith. Thus speaketh I, King Radovid V, called the Stern by some, a man too busy to go about applying my royal seal to trivialities such as this.

Associated quests Edit

Notes Edit

  • This pass is as effective as the official one, though the guard at the Western Gate will remark it's missing a seal. However, this appears to happen common enough that he waves it off as the city's fault and lets Geralt through.
  • If Albin dies, the shady merchant will refuse to sell a pass to Geralt if you didn't buy one beforehand.
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