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Tretogor (Common Slavic: Three Hills) is the capital of Redania since King Vestibor and the location of the Royal court. It is located less than 300 miles from Oxenfurt,[1] near copper deposits.[2]

Ironically, although Redania is a powerful kingdom, the capital itself is relatively small. Besides the stately Royal Palace and Government Building, Tretogor is not particularly impressive.[3] Most of the people living here work for the government and the trading centre is rather modest due to proximity of Novigrad.[4] Not all is dull here though – the city is known for its annual horse racing event known as the Grand Tretorian, as well as lively inns and nearby town or district of Coppertown where the famous dwarven miners' brass orchestra performs.[2]


First Landing[]

Tretogor once was the location of an ancient elven settlement, which, upon the great eastern expansion of humans approximately five hundred years ago, was abandoned by the elves and in its place humans built this city.[5][6]

Second Northern War[]

In June 1267, after corruption was discovered within the kingdom, a Redanian baron who had secretly allied himself with Nilfgaard was executed in the capital.[1]

Notable Locations[]

Notable People[]


  • In German issues of the book series, the city is called Dreiberg, reflecting its etymology, combining Slavic roots for "three" and "mountain" or "hill".