Tridam is a fortified town and a barony somewhere on the Buina,[2] not far from Malleore.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In early 13th century, the baron of Tridam mercilessly treated the poachers hunting in his forest. Milaen was one of the few who managed to sneak out of the baron's ambushes.[3]

The town was made famous by the Tridam ultimatum. The scenario entailed some brigands taking a boat full of innocent pilgrims and killing them one by one until the baron gave in to their demands. The baron was left in an unwinnable situation. He did capitulate and give in to the brigands saving further bloodshed, but many citizens blamed him for the deaths that did occur and postulated that storming the ship would have saved more lives.[2]

The old baron was eventually murdered. Soldiers loyal to him left the city with Falibor and Torina and became renegades wanted by the law. They teamed up with Milaen, their former enemy, to sneak through, but most of them apparently perished or left before reaching Malleore.[3]

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