Tybalt of Vengerberg was a royal archer in 1271 and was brought on board King Demavend III's ship while they sailed the Pontar. He provided some entertainment, showcasing his strong archery skills by shooting 4 clay targets out of the air before they could hit the water, then took up a guard position near Abelard while other entertainment ensued.

However, Letho snuck on board and froze most of the ship and its people with a magic capsule and Tybalt was only saved from being frozen thanks to Abelard's quick reaction. Cautiously trying to look around the ship, the frozen parts began to shatter and the witcher ran towards them. Tybalt, being the closest to Letho, began to fire off arrows, but the first missed, instead shattering one of the frozen crew members. As he fired off a second, Letho deftly avoided it by spinning and the arrow grazed his back instead. Before Tybalt could fire again, Letho stabbed him in the gut, killing him.

The Witcher 2 Digital Artbook description

Tybalt of Vengerberg, royal archer, unmatched marksman, master of the longbow, whose hands never wavered, whose eyes never failed. Yet his arrows could not repeal Fate's decree...
At first the archer was to be one of many supporting characters, a member of the king's guard showing off his archery skills, another attraction during the cruise. As we expanded and modified the screenplay, however, he grew in importance. Ultimately we decided to turn him into one of the Kingslayer's chief adversaries. The marksman's confrontation with the experienced assassin produced some very interesting visual effects.

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The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings - Intro

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