Živko Poriluk

aka Shrek of Angren

  • I live in I live in my swamp in Angren with Vysogota of Corvo and the Crones. I'm hiding them, they are actually not dead.
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Bard, Ogre formerly, meaning i scared folk from my swamps. And still do sometimes.
  • I am Ogre, male, monster
  • Bio Hello, i'm santa claus your favorite elder! This year i came here to see how you kiddies are holding up. Should i choke you death 2g of coal or give you a nice figure! Of....(drums in the backround) GERALT FIGURE!! You can order more toy like that. Like ciri, yennefer and the mountainous viper letho! See you soon! And happy christmas everyone! HOHOHOHOHO!!
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My favorite pages

Welcome! I came to this site to learn more about the witcher franchise. To learn new creatures, locations, tips and so on. And i decided to help this site grow by mostly replying to the discussion section and helping people there. But sometimes i fix a mistake on a page or add a new thing. I also sometimes reply to comments on pages like the ones listed above.

In short, I will try to make this wiki better by replying and editing. I mostly take care of the communty at the discuss section and on the comment section on pages. So you will find me there probably. I reply almost to every discussion.


I just read the books and found out a ton of new information, so now i've decided to create and edit pages even more. I just need to learn a few more techniques and i will edit them a little faster and better. The books were also amazing and i recommend reading them. If one does not know the order you should read them in it is:

  • The Last Wish (Short Stories
  • Sword of Destiny
  • Something Ends, Something Begins (not translated yet, also non-canon)
  • Blood of Elves (Beginning of the Novels)
  • Time of Contempt
  • Baptism of Fire
  • Tower of the Swallow
  • Lady of the Lake (End of the Novels)
  • Season of Storms (Side-Sequel)

The author of the books: Andrzej Sapkowski. Translated by David French.

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