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If you have questions about edits

Despite some people's theories/comments, I am an actual person who goes a few days not checking the wiki half the time (I guess I'm just that good at acting like a robot that I look like I'm here 24/7 *shrugs*). As such, I can sometimes be too hasty and will forget to leave a note on why an edit was reverted/changed, so if you have any questions regarding this please reach out on my message wall! I will admit I can be stubborn at times but approaching me politely with sound reason/logic behind an edit you made is going to go far better and help me see why you made an edit a certain way rather than yelling and complaining.

About me

Hello, I'm Mechemik or you can just call me Mech for short.

I've been a registered volunteer wiki editor since 2016 where I helped with various wikis, started helping out on the Witcher wiki in 2017, was invited into the Community Council a short time after that, and then became a Fandom content team member (now known as a wiki specialist) in 2019. I primarily admin for Witcher and Cyberpunk communities and am a retired admin for Fortnite and gen:LOCK but due to being a wiki specialist I can also be found assisting many other communities as needed (and as I've been asked this a few times, yes I love being paid to do what I was doing beforehand as a volunteer).

What do I do here?

Well, everything I can help with. One day I may focus on adding more item pages, another day I may focus on deleting or replacing old files with better versions, and categorizing stuff.

I'm also the account creator behind the Witcher Bot which is used to automate changes across the entire wiki.

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