Mechemik Mechemik 23 March 2018

Weekly Update 3/23/18

  • Created new Block Quote template and class to use for book excerpts and conversations between characters.
  • The old BigQuote template is now the new Quote template and the old Quote template is gone. This will hopefully make the naming more clear that "Quote" is for regular ones and the "Block Quote" is for larger amounts of text.
  • The Price template has now been removed as it's better to just add infoboxes to the pages instead
  • The SpoilerBanner main quote has been changed to white for more consistency with others, like the Stub template.

  • the sorting arrows for tables have now been changed to be the same color as the text headers
  • the Back To Top button should now reflect its final appearance (light blue with black arrow). It's semi-transparent unl…

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Mechemik Mechemik 16 March 2018

Weekly Update 3/16/18

This may or may not become a thing, but I wanted to start documenting site changes just to get an idea of any major changes we've done. So, here we go:

  • a little over a week ago, rolled out a slight change to infoboxes that now includes a border and a little extra padding. Also got rid of the weird blue vertical line that appeared when using smart groups on infoboxes.
  • updated infoboxes so now all names start with "Infobox".
  • For select infoboxes, added in the "caption" option that should be the caption in game. This includes the Gwent Cards and items in all 3 games.
  • Finished merging game item infoboxes so each game has just 1 infobox for items: Item1, Item2, and Item3. No more "Potion3" or "Diagram2" infoboxes!
  • added a "Bottom To Top" button that…
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