This may or may not become a thing, but I wanted to start documenting site changes just to get an idea of any major changes we've done. So, here we go:

  • a little over a week ago, rolled out a slight change to infoboxes that now includes a border and a little extra padding. Also got rid of the weird blue vertical line that appeared when using smart groups on infoboxes.
  • updated infoboxes so now all names start with "Infobox".
  • For select infoboxes, added in the "caption" option that should be the caption in game. This includes the Gwent Cards and items in all 3 games.
  • Finished merging game item infoboxes so each game has just 1 infobox for items: Item1, Item2, and Item3. No more "Potion3" or "Diagram2" infoboxes!
  • added a "Bottom To Top" button that will appear in the bottom right corner when one scrolls far enough down on a page so one can instantly go back to the top. This was done to help remove the outdated versions used on "Rivers" and "Elder Speech" pages (mobile isn't effected as neither worked on mobile anyways).
    • this is by no means final. Trying to contact the dev who made it for help in getting the CSS to work as the current code doesn't alter the appearance like it should.
  • Some page names to the first game articles have been changed. Namely the Romance guide and the Shopping Lists now have "The Witcher" prepended to their titles. Still working on tracking down and converting names for consistency across all games.
  • Got rid of fan art to avoid any confusion of an icon being official or not.
  • Updated our wiki wordmark (the logo on the left of the header bar) to better match the font. Also updated it on our sister sites.
  • Changed navigation a bit so only the main 3 witcher games are listed as direct links. All other games are now under the "Other Games" sub-menu.
  • Updated all the other games to now have infoboxes and to update information on their pages in general.
  • Old news: Wikia's change in code several months back still isn't fixed and as such, still can't use the "back arrow" image for the main portal on the front page. Thus still have to rely on the text to go back. However, haven't heard any issues regarding it so this is just a minor inconvenience.

Also of note, may roll out a change to one of the quote templates. When I originally updated it, it was to make it different from the other one and to be in-line with text, but looking at where it's used a lot, and formatting issues, it doesn't make sense for it be like it currently is and will see about updating it to be more of a color block.

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