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| ama<ref name="bw" />
| ama<ref name="bw" />
| to be ? (From Etruscan: ama)
| to be ? (From Etruscan: ama)
|- Auspex <ref name="bw"/>
|- to make eyes see past sight. (From Immersions Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiae)
| atranes<ref name="bw" />
| atranes<ref name="bw" />

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Vampire language is a mother tongue of intelligent vampiresalps, bruxae, higher vampires, mulas, katakans, and nosferats – belonging to Gharasham tribe.[1] They rarely expose it and prefer to communicate with other races via either telepathy or Common Speech.[2]

In particular, bruxae are able to utilize songs in this language, described as silent, shrill, and sickening to manipulate and bend to their will any human by altering their dreams and turning them into horrendous nightmares.[3]



Vampire language English
ama[1] to be ? (From Etruscan: ama)
atranes[1] of the building (?) (From Etruscan: atranes)
avile[1] year(s) (?) (From Etruscan: avil)


Vampire language English
cesu[1] to place ? (From Etruscan: cesu)
cleva[1] gift, offering (From Etruscan: cleva)


Vampire language English
eclthi[1] demonstrative (?) (From Etruscan: eclthi)


Vampire language English
farthana[1] daughter (From Etruscan: farthana meaning offspring)


Vampire language English
hinthial[1] ghost, apparition, shade (?) (From Etruscan: hinthial)


Vampire language English
lautni[1] familiar, of the family (?) (From Etruscan: laut-ni)


Vampire language English
marish[1] servant
me[1] I, me
mi[1] my
mutna[1] coffin (from Etruscan: mutana)


Vampire language English
nac[1] as, how, so, because, then, when, why (From Etruscan: nac)


Vampire language English
sech farthana[1] step-daughter
sel[1] to do, to make (?)
spureni (?)


Vampire language English
tesham[1] burial (from Etruscan: tesham)
thaur[1] tomb, sepulcher (from Etruscan: thaur)
themias[1] he places (?) (From Etruscan: themiasa)
thi[1] you


Vampire language English
zatlath[1] silence (?) (From Etruscan: zatlath meaning companion)


Vampire language English
Draakul (?); described as "an untranslatable pun"


Vampire language English
Nac thi sel me thaur? Why did you wake me up from my tomb?


  • In Blood and Wine expansion, the vast majority of vampire words derives from Etruscan.


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