Vartburg is a castle in Cidaris.[1] It is famous for an annual tournament of troubadours and bards which takes place in the late autumn.[2]


Another location in Cidaris where the bards often gather is Four Maples village. Since Castellan Budibog, on whose lands the village is located, knows Dandelion, it is possible that he is the one who owns Vartburg.


Realworld Wartburg.png

The real Wartburg is a medieval castle overlooking the town of Eisenach, in Thuringia, Germany. It witnessed events such as life of St. Elisabeth of Hungary, the translation of New Testament by Martin Luther, Wartburg festival in 1817 and it is supposed setting for the legendary Sängerkrieg, the contest among minstrels, held in 13th century according to the legends.


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