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The Vegelbud Residence is the large estate located north of Carsten and east of Novigrad and serves as home to the Vegelbud family, one of Novigrad's prominent noble houses.

As a rich family, Vegelbuds mainly organize two events here: first are horses races in the name of Erasmus Vegelbud and the second come lavish banquets famed in the entire region.

Map Description[]

Domicile of a prominent Novigrad family whose line can be traced back to the times when the first human settlers came to these lands.

Associated Quests[]


  • Access to the main part of the estate is restricted and Geralt cannot enter under most circumstances. The only times he is able to enter the grounds is during A Matter of Life and Death and Carnal Sins, and the only time the interior of the house can be explored is during Carnal Sins.