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Pity you didn't see the corpses, as I did. Had you, you'd have taken a great detour to avoid Wyzim.
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- Velerad to Geralt, pg. 13 The Last Wish (U.K. edition)

Velerad was a noble who, as the city's burgomeister, mayor,[2] and castellan, governed Vizima, the capital of Temeria. In King Foltest's absence, Velerad held the highest authority in the city.[3]


Velerad served as castellan of Vizima for several years, and saw Princess Adda die due to a miscarriage, and then rise as a striga years later.[3]

Curing Adda[]

In 1252, he met the witcher Geralt of Rivia, who was brought to him after he killed three racists during a brawl in a local inn. The witcher brought up his true purpose for visiting the city, to cure the curse of Adda the White. Velerad explained the curse and the reward for saving her, and then went with him to the new palace, where they met with Foltest, Segelin and Ostrit. After the king left, the four other men spent a while discussing the appearance and history of the striga, before the witcher left to prepare for his contract.[3]

Later, after Adda had been cured and Geralt was recovering in the palace, Velerad went and saw him, telling him about her transformation, though the witcher passed out mid-conversation due to exhaustion.[3]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

Third Northern War[]

In early 1272, while still mourning the loss of King Foltest, Velerad was forced to govern while invading Nilfgaardian forces surrounded the city, preparing for a siege. Yannick Delen, one of the citizens of the city, offered to sneak him and his family away from the siege via boat, and so after preparing everything and hiring guards, the boat set off away from Vizima, through Blacksol, Stoonwar and then White Orchard, where they stopped, planning to continue onto Charske and set off on horseback from there.[2]

End of game canon content.

The Witcher[]

In the game, Velerad enjoyed the distinction of being the burgomeister of Vizima. He could be found on the ground level of the guardhouse in the Trade Quarter after Gold Rush. The rumors flying around town suggested that he is ineffective in his role and spends most of his days drinking. Or perhaps this was simply the appearance he wishes to maintain.

He was a confidant of Princess Adda and knew about most of the goings on around town, despite what the citizenry considered evidence to the contrary. Technically, Geralt could sneak out during the banquet and see him at the guardhouse as well. (As of Patch 1.4, this may only be possible near the end of A Posh Reception, after the guests left, but before you talked to Leuvaarden again.)

Also, if Geralt helped the elves during the bank robbery, since the Enhanced Edition, Velerad became decidedly hostile (will not consent to a game of poker dice). He did not with previous patches.

Journal entry[]

Velerad governs Vizima, the capital city of Temeria. In Foltest's absence, Velerad holds the highest authority in the city. The burgomeister knows me from long ago, since he was the one with whom I negotiated the contract for lifting Princess Adda's striga curse. Although I don't remember Velerad, I have a vague feeling that he has grown old and taken to drink since we first met. People say that Velerad has lost his authority and doesn't run the city as efficiently as he used to.
The burgomeister seemed glad to see the striga problem solved. He told me his hands were tied and he could not help me find those guilty of reactivating the curse. I got the impression that Velerad cannot handle the situation now that a rebellion has engulfed Vizima.

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