Venzlav was the king of Brugge and a vassal to Foltest of Temeria. He was often criticized for his apparent leniency towards the dryads of Brokilon. Venzlav was one of the Northern monarchs to attend the peace talks being held in Cintra between the Northern Kingdoms and the Empire of Nilfgaard. The talks resulted in the signing of a peace treaty called the Peace of Cintra, which brought an end to the Second Northern War.

At one point after Roegner of Ebbing's death, he proposed to Calanthe, but she turned him down.

Sometime in 1262, he sent Geralt to Brokilon to deliver a message to their queen, Eithné, asking her to give the king Brokilon and in return he'd give her and the dryads a small corner of the forest. However, she turned this down.

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