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Verden is one of the minor kingdoms in the North, located at the very mouth of the river Yaruga, with Kerack and Brokilon on its northern borders and Cintra in the south, just on the other side of the river.

Until 1263, it was a vassal state of Cintra, but surrendered to the Nilfgaardian Empire at the beginning of Northern War II. Later, it would gain its independence and become a small kingdom.

Centuries later, in the age of colonization and piracy, Verden established a few forts on the Eastern Coast.[4]


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Northern Wars[]

After the First Northern War in 1263, Verden received many refugees from nearby Cintra, left displaced after the massacre in the capital.[2]

Following the war, a great amount of cheap Nilfgaardian goods started to flow through Verden into Temeria, greatly affecting the kingdom's economy. King Foltest of Temeria knew he couldn't shut the borders to Verden, as it would cause great outcry from the Merchant's Guild, and severely affect trade relations. This great takeover led to the local currency, ducats, being outed by Nilfgaard's floren in some areas of the kingdom.[2]

National Emblems[]

In the 13th century, the coat of arms and flag of Verden depicted a chequi of gold and black.[5] In earlier times, the chequi was sometimes depicted as of black and silver. The kingdom is also symbolized by two bull horns of black and gold.[6]

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Notable People[]



Regions and natural objects[]


  • Verden in both Norwegian and Danish means "world".
  • In Lower Saxony, Germany, there is a city named Verden.


  • The non-canonical short story Something Ends, Something Begins that takes place aroung 1278/1279 mentions the former King Herwig who abdicated twelve years ago in favor of his nephew Brennan, called the Good. It contradicts the canon books, as 12 years before that date the kingdom was ruled by Ervyll.