Verden is one of the minor kingdoms in the North, located at the very mouth of the river Yaruga, with Kerack and Brokilon on its northern borders and Cintra in the south, just on the other side of the river.

Up until 1263 it was a vassal state of Cintra, but when Cintra was conquered by Nilfgaard it subsequently became part of the Empire. Later, it would gain its independence and became a small kingdom.

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COA Verden drawing

The current coat of arms for Verden was described in the novels and was designed based on that description by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro. The drawing is the Czech concept.

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  • Verden in both Norwegian and Danish means "world".
  • In Lower Saxony, Germany, there is a city named Verden.

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  • the non-canonical short story Something Ends, Something Begins mentions former King Herwig who abdicated twelve years ago in favor of his nephew Brennan, called the Good. It contradicts the canon books, where the country is ruled by kings Ervyll and Kistrin.

References Edit

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