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Vicovaro is one of the southernmost vassal states in the Nilfgaardian Empire.

It is famous for its own Academy of Magic, as well as the medical academy founded by Emperor Jan Calveit in the region's capital.[3] Vicovarians, while Nilfgaardized,[4] are still proud of their motherland's heritage.[5]


The country's history goes back to ancient times, when Lower Alban tribes were influenced by its culture. The early Vicovarian achievements became a part of the future Nilfgaardian heritage. Over the course of centuries, Vicovaro had slowly embraced elements of the Nilfgaardian Republic's culture as well.[4]

In the second half of 12th century Vicovaro[6] was seized by Emperor Torres's armies, but the invader was forced to retreat. However, after witnessing the fate of Etolia conquered by Emperor Fergus, Vicovarian nobles influenced their ruler and Vicovaro asked to join Nilfgaard willingly, on its own initiative.[2]

Veteran shieldbearers from Vicovaro marched alongside Etolian troops during the Northern War II.[7]

Geography and Climate[]

Vicovaro borders the core region of the Empire and likely the duchies of Rowan and Ymlac.[5] The land is warm and hilly[4] and the climate allows the cultivation of the mandrake.[5]

Society and Culture[]

People of Vicovaro live plentiful, stable lives, as long as they pay due respect to the nobles and to Nilfgaard. Many nobles have large, defensible castles in the mountains. They educate their children and send the smartest and most socially adept to the Imperial Academy at Castel Graupian. It is no mistake that these young people return home with a solid knowledge of Nilfgaardian etiquette and contacts in the Nilfgaardian nobility. This strategy allows Vicovaro to place many Vicovarians in not only the provincial government but the Nilfgaardian government as well.[2]

National Emblems[]

Emblems in the infobox combine Vicovaro's symbols from both Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni and The Witcher Role-Playing Game. Original creator of COA which was basis for The Witcher Role-Playing Game one was Mboro, who in turn based his project on arms of real-world's Vicovaro.

Notable Locations[]

Notable Vicovarians[]

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  • The name of the duchy could be a reference to an Italian city with the same name.