Videmont, son of Baldwin, was the late 12th century King of Aedirn.

One of his daughters, Agnes of Aedirn, eloped with and married Esteril Thyssen. Though he originally opposed the union, Videmont grew to love their offspring all the way down to his great-grandson, Esterad Thyssen.


Reign and fatherhood

Videmont had several daughters,[2] Princess Agnes of Aedirn among them, and sons who would continue the ruling line.[1] At least once, the King used a hot iron to punish his daughters.[2]

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To shorten the journey from Rosberg to Aldersberg, Videmont ordered a road to be carved out through the primeval forest of Moulderwood.[3]

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As a young lady, his daughter Agnes met Count Esteril Thyssen at Ard Carraigh. Although the two soon fell in love, Videmont wanted none of it. He rejected the young Thyssen as unsuitable and shrug off mentions of the Count's close ties to the royal House of Troyden. Otherwise, Videmont liked to host the young man in Vengerberg, pleased with Esteril's friendship with his sons. The sons, however, secretly supported the love between Agnes and Esteril. The two fled one night, causing the King to fly into a rage.

A year on, King Benda of Kaedwen announced Videmont that he was now a grandfather. The King felt slighted and sulked for a time. After Esteril ascended as the King of Kovir and Poviss, elevating him to a "more fitting rank", Videmont grew close with the grandchildren. He, later, doted on his great-grandson Esterad Thyssen too.[1]


In Fer de Moline, an Alderberg tavern, they served a celebrated "saddle of hare with morels à la King Videmont".[4]

Personality and traits

He was a person of a proud and majestic character.[1]


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