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Vigi the Loon is a boatwright and Skellige warrior from Clan Tordarroch that joined Hjalmar's expedition to kill the ice giant Myrhyff in hopes of changing his nickname to "the Unfearing".

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Journal Entry

Even for Skelligers, who value courage above all else, Vigi's fearlessness went far beyond the pale of bravery, deep into the realm of suicidal madness. This Clan Tordarroch warrior had strived to earn the right to be called Vigi the Unfearing. Instead, his actions earned him the nickname Vigi the Loon – and it seemed this outcome suited him just fine.
It was Vigi who, craving glory and wanting to save his home isle from the Ice Giant, had convinced Hjalmar to brave the journey to Undvik. Many of their crew were killed during this expedition, and Vigi himself wound up a prisoner in the Ice Giant's cave.
The second Geralt freed Vigi from his cage, the Skelliger lived up to his moniker and awoke the sleeping giant with a hearty kick. To be fair, afterwards he fought bravely and effectively against the monster, proving he had the making of a mighty warrior behind his madness.
That was not the last time Vigi an Geralt fought side by side. Vigi answered Geralt's call and went with Hjalmar to Kaer Morhen to fight the Wild Hunt. Though once again he fought with skill and courage, this time he fell in battle.
News of his heroic death reached Skellige, where in ballads he has earned the title that eluded him in life: Vigi the Unfearing.
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