Viki was a woman from a far-off land with the coat of arms of a zebra.

Biography Edit

Around 1272, a coup was instigated in her kingdom and the royal family was overthrown. She was then named protector of the crown prince and the two boarded one of two ships set for Beauclair, where they were likely seeking asylum.

However, the usurper back home sent warriors after them and one of the ships wrecked on an island in Skellige, though luckily Viki and the young prince were on the other ship. The two made it as far as Ursten in Velen before their ship also crashed, stranding them in a foreign land and, to make matters worse, Viki couldn't speak any of the local language. They then took refuge in Widows' Grotto as Viki tried to figure out what to do next.

If Geralt finds them and protects them: while she couldn't understand the witcher, or he understand her, she was grateful nonetheless and, now that the last warrior that'd been following them was dead, she and the boy set out once more.

If Geralt finds them but stands aside: Viki met her end far from home as the warrior cut her down without a second thought.

Associated quest Edit

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