Commissar Vilfrid Wenck was ostensibly a "bailiff" in the service of King Henselt of Kaedwen. He is described as taller than Geralt, and nearly twice as tall as Yarpen Zigrin. While he was unremarkably dressed, his movements betrayed long military service and the witcher deduced that he was a professional soldier.


On Spring 1266 Vilfrid was tasked with overseeing an operation which was to prove whether Yarpen Zigrin's company was collaborating with Scoia'tael. He was appointed a commander responsible for the convoy with gold and silver being allegedly a financial help for King Demavend III. In fact – unknown to the dwarves who served as his guards – the real cargo was not treasure, but mere stones.

On the road to the Lixela, the convoy met Geralt, Ciri and Triss Merigold, looking for help with Triss' illness. Wenck agreed they could join.

He died as a result of wounds from Scoia'tael arrows when the convoy was ambushed near Shaerrawedd. When they were rescued by the Dun Banner, dying Vilfrid told sir Fredegar that they were mistaken and Yarpen was innocent.

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