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Vintner's Contract: Duchaton Crest is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


The contract location is southeast of Rioux-Cannes Outpost, talk to the Wine Merchant and he will ask Geralt to clear the nearby cave of monsters. You can haggle with him if you like, once you agree head in The monster in question is a Shaelmaar, so use Aard to stun it or dupe it to crash into a wall which will cause it to fall on it's back for easy hits. After it's dead head back out and take your reward from the vintner, which concludes the quest.

Journal Entry[]

While roaming the slopes of Mount Gorgon, Geralt ran into a vintner who required a witcher's aid.
Our hero plunged into the depths of the cave, which proved to be a shaelmaar's lair. Geralt slew the beast, a feat for which a reward awaited.
Pleased, the vintner was generous, and our hard-working witcher, richer by a few crowns went on his way.


  • Clear the cave of monsters.
  • Return to the contract giver.


  • This quest was originally called Vintner's Contract: Griffin-in-the-Vines but was re-named to Vintner's Contract: Duchaton Crest in a later update for an unknown reason.