Violetta was the captain of the city guard of Kerack. A very unusual fact about this garrison was that every single member was a woman. Calling them "women" however, was easier said than done, the guards of the city indeed were mountains of muscle with shaved heads, the only womanly thing they had was their name.

Geralt had a fight with them when he arrived in the city, since the swords he left in the garrison mysteriously disappeared. The fight didn't ended in the best way for the witcher; fortunately Ferrant de Lettenhove and Dandelion arrived and stopped the fight.

Later, during the storm of Kerack, although she didn't forget the troubles that the witcher caused at the garrison, she saved Geralt's life who was trying to save three children in danger with the help of Antea Derris, unfortunately the latter didn't survive the storm.


  • "Violetta" is Italian for "Violet".


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