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Visenna was the mother of Geralt and a sorceress.


At an unknown time, Visenna was a single mother, taking care of a young Geralt. However, one day while traveling in the countryside, she sent her young son off under the pretense to fetch water for her from a nearby spring, but in actuality was to drop Geralt off for the witcher, Vesemir, to collect him. She then rode off before Geralt could return, leaving him in the witcher's care.[1]

Many years later, while traveling through Sodden as the Battle of Sodden Hill raged nearby, she overheard a man's cry for help and found Yurga with none other than an unconscious Geralt, who had been bitten by a venomous necrophage and needed help soon or he'd die. She set about healing him but in the process Geralt woke up and the two then conversed but Visenna tried to avoid saying what they already knew: that she was his mother and had left him years ago with Vesemir. After Geralt also tried to avoid it, he finally confronted Visenna directly, asking if she could at least answer him if she knew he could have died during the Trial of the Grasses. Like before though, Visenna refused to answer directly, merely telling her son the answer wouldn't help him and that he must let go to move forward. She then cast a sleeping spell for Geralt to fall asleep. Having finished healing him, Visenna then left before Geralt could wake up again.


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