Vodyan language is the language spoken by vodyanoy, an intelligent underwater race which mostly inhabits the Great Sea. Its written in runes which together resemble a mosaic[1] and are described as looking "strange".[2]

Dictionary Edit

Vodyan language English
cgof'nn children
Dagonlaolbaltol Dagon's acolyte
daoelaol of course
ilyaa to wait
kadishtu to understand
Leoaeool Lady of the Lake
mnahn futile
nafl no, not
nyth servants
syha'h eternity
throd to quake
uh'e mortal
uurarolaolool dreadful, terrible
witchmolol idiot
witchmolol bool witcher
y my
ya I, me

Phrases Edit

Vodyan language English
Dool Bool tohl grool? Do you speak our language?
Gool bool tahl Hool! Speak what you need! (probably)
Nafl-kadishtu... I do not understand...
Nafl-mg n'gha-yar. The time to die has not yet come
Throd, uh'e! Quake, mortal!
Y-cgof'nn. My children.
Y-nyth. My servants.
Ya ilyaa syha'h... I wait an eternity...

Notes Edit

  • In Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, the vodyan words spoken by Dagon are based on a language called "Cthuvian" or "R'lyehian" which was invented by H. P. Lovecraft and used in his Cthulhu Mythos.

References Edit

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