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Disambig icon This article is about the episode in Netflix's The Witcher. For the character, see Voleth Meir.

"Voleth Meir" is the seventh episode of season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher series.



Geralt turns to a humble bard for help, Yennefer realizes just how special Ciri is, and tensions rise on the eve of Emperor Emhyr's visit to Cintra.


Geralt finds Redanian crowns on the bodies of the Michelet brothers. He then apologizes to Nenneke for the mess, as the men were after Ciri, who he now needs to find, but first, Nenneke tends to his wounds and asks how Ciri broke the Orbuculum. Nenneke tells Geralt that Ciri needs more than he can give her, but Geralt refuses to give up on her. With that in mind, she asks how she can help, and Geralt tells her to open a portal.

Ciri realizes that she's teleported herself and Yennefer to Zola's home. Ciri was here when she had her first dreamed about Yennefer. It's the same day Geralt found her. Ciri hopes that Zola and her family fled, but instead, she finds that they've been murdered by the fire mage, which Ciri partially blames herself for before coming to the conclusion that Rience could possibly work for Nilfgaard and maybe took him to their nearest outpost, that being Cintra. Ciri has fantasized about going back and killing the Black Knight, but she fears for Yennefer's well-being and intends to go alone, but Yennefer convinces her otherwise.

At Aretuza, Vilgefortz lies in bed whilst Tissaia looks out the window. He wraps his arms around her, tells her that he loves her, and asks what's wrong. She reluctantly reveals they have an unexpected visitor.

Hake warns Fringilla that Redania has likely implanted a spy, as it's what he would've done. Cahir agrees with Fringilla that they need to rebuild their army but acknowledges Hake's concerns and intends to do so wisely. He then reveals that half the elves didn't even show up for training, and Fringilla assures that she will talk to them. With the White Flame arrival tomorrow, Cahir will not have him met with chaos and insubordination. If the elves refuse to serve, Cahir will like to deal with them, as the generals and White Flame would respect a strong hand. Speaking of which, they watch as Hake pushes a woman with a rope around her neck off the castle for attempting to breach the gates.

Jaskier is locked in a cell, singing along with his musical companions, a couple of rats, as Geralt arrives. He takes down the guard and frees Jaskier before embracing him in a hug. He's in need of Jaskier's help to find Ciri and Yennefer.

On the road to Cintra, Ciri tells Yennefer that Geralt is the father she never had. And when she's with him, she doesn't feel alone anymore. Ciri then asks about Yennefer's relationship with Geralt, which consisted of longing, regret, hope, and fear.

Francesca and Filavandrel are discussing baby names when Fringilla reveals that their fighters failed to show up for training. However, Filavandrel reveals that many of them had a change of heart. They never intended to fight for Nilfgaard. Francesca convinced him, but now she's given him a far better reason not to fight. It's time for them to rebuild and grow strong again. While they're grateful for the home Nilfgaard provided in Xin'trea, they have no intentions of dying in someone else's war. As a friend, Francesca asks if these are Fringilla's words or Cahir's. The bargain they struck in that hut is working, Fringilla adds. And it can remain that way, so long as their bond remains strong. While she and Fringilla are friends, Francesca cherishes the bond of family more.

The council gets word from Dijkstra that an elven baby has been born of a mage. Artorius and Stregobor see a potential threat, but Tissaia isn't convinced. They see this as a beacon and a potential enemy, who are already aligned with Nilfgaard. However, Vilgefortz doesn't intend to act on unfounded prejudice and rumor. Dijkstra replies that today's gossip is next month's news. For instance, he's heard that Triss had returned, which the council was not aware of. Tissaia claims she simply came back to recover after falling ill.

Rience shares his latest failure with Lydia, who reveals that her employer hasn't been there in days. She only promised he'd meet him if he brought the girl. Hoping to push the process along, Rience agrees to allow Lydia to run tests on the vial of witcher mutagen containing Ciri's blood in hopes of convincing her employer to come. Lydia performs a blood tracing ritual, but doing so with the witcher mutagen leaves her horribly disfigured and scarred.

Geralt takes Jaskier to a stream, where he washes up and reveals that Yennefer saved his life. She even risked her life for his. He reveals that Yennefer was on the run after losing her magic. However, when she was imprisoned in the whorehouse, he recalls her magically disappearing after muttering an incantation about a hut, leading Geralt to come to the conclusion that she's in league with the Deathless Mother. Voleth Meir was imprisoned by the first witchers and entombed in a hut, as she is a demon that feeds on pain. With that in mind, Geralt intends to go to Cintra.

On the other side of the stream, Geralt and Jaskier reunite with Yarpen Zigrin and his crew. Yarpen and his men run the roads for Henselt and protect his convoys. Geralt asks about Lucas Corto, who owes Geralt money. However, Lucas got married, settled down in Mahakam, and dropped out of the company. Geralt then asks to borrow a horse, for which he will pay Yarpen double when he finds some coin.

Unfortunately for Ciri and Yennefer, the bridge over the river has broken. For lesson number two, Yennefer teaches Ciri to use her Chaos to repair the bridge, a task she struggles with, so much so, that blood begins to drip from her eyes. Yennefer forces her to stop when she begins straining too fiercely, and Ciri screams in anger so intensely that she teleports Yennefer, herself, as well as the horses to the other side of the bridge. Yennefer wipes her face and tells Ciri to never apologize for her power.

Tissaia reveals to Triss that she saw Ciri at Sodden. She was there with Geralt, but Tissaia didn't know who she was at the time, and they had come looking for Yennefer. Triss has told Tissaia what she saw when she performed the Dol Durza and asks who else knows. No one outside of them and the other witchers, Triss explains. Vilgefortz interrupts them after having learned the truth from Tissaia and demands to know everything she does. Triss sees this as a betrayal and leaves without saying another word. Tissaia blames Vilgefortz for not heading her warning and waiting until the time is right, but Vilgefortz sees this as a potential to end all war, because if she falls into the wrong hand, she could destroy the world. Vilgefortz has always considered Tissaia his equal partner. He wished he could prove to her that he's equal of the same.

Fringilla appears to her uncle Artorius at Aretuza for help. She may need to leave Nilfgaard quickly. The White Flame is arriving tomorrow with great expectations. She brought in the elves to fight for Nilfgaard, but they've had a change of heart. Blood being a bond stronger than all over, she pleads with her uncle for help. He admits that he should've stood up for her during the ball that night at Aretuza. Whatever is brewing, the Brotherhood needs reinforcement. If Fringilla were to return, she would have to plead her case, as well as apologize for believing that she could have any impact at all with Nilfgaard. Feeling belittled, Fringilla leaves to reconsider her options.

Dara is admittedly nervous. As a child, he watched Cintran soldiers murder his kind, and now he's watching Nilfgaard do the same. He himself is guilty of being a spy. The night before, seeing his people sing and dance, and a baby in her mother's arms, he realized that he no longer cares about Redania or Ciri. Moving forward, he's going to focus on keeping the elven hope alive and tells Dijkstra's owl to deliver the message.

Hake has had his doubts about Fringilla all along and questions why the White Flame would allow a mage to give his orders. Cahir remarks that they're supposed to be on the same side and searching for Ciri. Hake replies they'll find her as soon as they unload Fringilla's dead weight. Suddenly, they become paralyzed after Fringilla poisons them with nightshade, which possesses paralytic qualities. Fringilla proceeds to kill every general seated at the table, a total of four of them. All that remains is Cahir, but she leaves him alive to tell Emhyr that the generals were killed for their treachery, as he trusts no one above Cahir.

King Vizimir and Dijkstra discuss their next move. Ciri would give them the rightful claim to Cintra, making Redania the most powerful kingdom on the Continent. Unfortunately, unknown variables remain at Aretuza. Even without Dara, they're still in a strong position.

Jaskier questions what changed in Geralt to make him claim his Child Surprise. He thought ignoring her existence would make everything better, but she was wrong. As for Yennefer, if she's hurt Ciri, Geralt will kill her. But Jaskier proposes that she could've changed as well, as people tend to do stupid things when they're trapped in the corner. Speaking of old friends, he apologizes for the last time he saw Jaskier.

Ciri and Yennefer arrive at the sight of the monolith collapse, just outside Cintra. If they ever get separated, Yennefer wants Ciri to remember that magic is all she has and that it's a part of her. However, Ciri's not normal. Rather than controlling the Chaos, it controls her. As they get closer to the shattered black door, Yennefer touches Ciri and tells her to turn back if she's afraid. Yennefer apologizes for betraying Ciri and informs her that Geralt isn't at Cintra. Ciri suspects that the mage at the temple knew Yennefer and that she's been conspiring with him the entire time. Upset by her betrayal, Ciri's powers get the better of her and emits a rippling effect, cracking the ground and nearby Cintran kingdom, occupied by Nilfgaard.

Half a dozen Nilfgaard guards come charging towards Ciri and Yennefer, who tries to defend them off with a stick but is overpowered. Fortunately, Geralt and Jaskier arrive with Yarpen and his crew to kill the guards and save Ciri. Geralt then draws his blade on Yennefer, who apologizes for her betrayal. Geralt intends to stay behind and kill the Deathless Mother whilst Jaskier takes Ciri back to Kaer Morhen. With the blade to her neck, Yennefer recites the incantation.

Meanwhile, just inside the Nilfgaard castle, Filavandrel and Francesca discover that their child has been killed in her sleep. This expression of pain allows the Deathless Mother to escape her prison and take possession of Ciri.