Vrans are a race of tall humanoids with ruby-red eyes. While they were an intelligent race that, at it's prime, had built aqueducts and sewers that rival even modern ones, their civilization crumbled and now few remain.

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Vrans are humanoid beings with scaly skin[2], huge, ruby-red eyes that take up half their face, and venomous fangs. They are also considerably tall, standing around the same height as humans, if not taller. Unlike humans though, male and female vrans are indistinguishable from each other.

Personality Edit

Vrans don't worship any gods and are completely emotionless, making them lack compassion and sympathy. However, this also means they lack the tendency for meaningless violence and therefore have trouble understanding why humans engage in such.[3]

Skills Edit

Their big, red eyes help with infravision, allowing them to see in the dark by discerning the heat signatures left behind by other creatures but they're unable to use any form of magic.[3][4] They can, however, speak the common tongue fluently and ride horses.[5]

When they have to, vrans have been known to engage in fights, with elves and humans alike, and have even used the venom from their fangs to poison their arrows.[2]

History Edit

Not much is known about the vrans due to so few of them being around anymore. According to some theories, they are a product of the Conjunction of the Spheres, but it was never proven nor disproved and the ancient elven chronicles contain no mention of the vrans.[3] Others believe they're one of the ancient races of the lands, dating back thousands of years before humans settled into the area.[6]

Their original motherland lies east of the Blue Mountains but by the 13th century, due to persecution by humans, in particular Kreve's followers who considered all non-humans demons, most of the vrans that lived in Riverdell, Upper Sodden, and Lyria retreated to the east, back to the Blue Mountains,[6] or were contained in reservations together with werebbubbs and hunted down if they tried to leave them.[3]

Under Loc Muinne some of their remains can be found, though different groups have differing ideas on what happened. For many humans, as the bones show indications of cuts from swords, they believe the vrans and the elves had fought, with the vrans losing. However, many elves state that when they found the ancient vran city, all that remained were their skeletons and ghosts. Supposedly, climate change many years ago caused an ice age, killing off most of their food supply and forcing them to descend into the warmer lowlands. Here, they encountered the earliest human settlements and their diseases, for which the vrans had no resistance to, and eventually succumbed to it.[7]

Now, very few vrans remain in the world, with some living on reservations with werebbubbs.[8]

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