Vratimir was a human-looking knight with salt-and-pepper hair who befriended Chireadan and Errdil, the latter to the point of helping him renovate his inn in Rinde. Geralt met the trio outside the gates of Rinde.

Dandelion was desperately injured and needed attention, but no one could enter the city after dusk, so the witcher and his sick friend waited in the barbican along with other travelers waiting to enter. When Geralt first spotted the knight he thought Vratimir might be able to help them get into the city before dawn. However, the slash across the knight's coat of arms dashed those hopes as they signaled Vratimir was illegitimate and the result of a human/non-human union, knocking his status down enough that he had to wait with the rest of them.

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  • This very friendly and kind knight features also in first polish comic series illustrated by Bogusław Polch.

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