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...what sort of task do you expect, as a witcher? What? Digging a well? Repairing a hole in the roof? Weaving a tapestry of all the positions King Vridank and the beautiful Cerro tried on their wedding night?
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- pg. 124 in The Last Wish

Vridank, known as "the Elf", was the king of Redania. His mother was Viviana of Lyria and his father was, presumably, Radovid III. He was named "the Elf" because of his exceptional beauty and for the admiration he had for the Aen Seidhe.


From his first marriage to Beatrix of Kovir he had a daughter, Falka.[3] Later he remarried to the beautiful Cerro. Apparently their courtship is the stuff of legends. He and his wife also adopted the orphaned Riannon, Lara Dorren's daughter, into the royal family.[4]

He was killed along with his wife Cerro and sons Heltmult and Denhard[3] during Falka's rebellion, in which Falka tried to take the throne. Falka was convinced that the throne belonged to her, and not to the children from her father's second marriage. After the defeat of the uprising, the throne was taken over by Vridank's uncle, Vizimir I.


  • In The Witcher, Zoltan mentions Vridank (and his bride) over the course of a rather philosophical conversation with Geralt, citing the same sentence he used in The Lady of the Lake.
  • In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, in Flotsam, you can hear the conversation between merchant and guard. Curious mercenary looks into crates and barrels asking what is there. While the buyer is responsible to him with exasperation: " The Treasures of King Vridank". The guard looks to the next and repeats the question. Next the answer is "Amber Room", which is a reference to the famous treasure that was lost during World War II.