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Verily, great self-righteousnous and great blindness are needed to call the gore pouring from the scaffold justice.
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- pg. 159, The Tower of the Swallow (UK edition)

Vysogota of Corvo was a physician, surgeon, alchemist, researcher, historian, philosopher and ethicist, as well as a former professor at both the Oxenfurt academy and the Imperial Academy.


Due to his dissenting opinions in politics, some of which led to him secretly trying to take on the then emperor, he ended up in the dungeons but was ultimately just exiled from the Empire. However, this also meant he couldn't live in any of its territories or face imminent death. While he originally settled in the Pereplut marshes in Ebbing, the lands were later annexed by Nilfgaard, thus putting him back in the Empire once more. To further cause problems was the fact that, after Emhyr took back the throne, high treason sentences handed down by former emperors didn't go away with a new ruler. Tired of being forced to wander, Vysogota decided to remain in the marshes and hide instead.

It was in the swamp, that the old lecturer found Ciri, close to death. He took her back to his hermitage and nursed her back to health. Eventually, after Ciri had regained her health and decided to venture back out into the world, Vysogota died alone on the floor of his hut, with a banshee screaming in the distance.


  • In The Witcher, Zoltan Chivay can mention him during a rather philosophical conversation with Geralt: "If you want a scholar's word, read Vysogota of Corvo."


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