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Waiting for Goe and Doh is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


To start the quest you must reach the hidden treasure located east from the Toussaint Prison and northeast from Termes Palace Ruins. Once there you will encounter either Drowners or bandits, kill them and loot the corpse to find a letter Orders on stained paper. Read it and now dive into the lake, best to use Killer Whale, then find the sunken ship. Find the chest near one of the broken halves and loot it, this concludes the quest.

Journal Entry

If Geralt comes across the monsters:
While unheroically roaming the backcountry that was the Champs-Désolés, our heroic witcher came upon an encampment overrun by monsters. The beasts were feeding on the remains of the camp's former inhabitants. Geralt dispatched the bloodthirsty filth, then, prompted by curiosity, searched the camp. He found an interesting letter.
If Geralt comes across the bandits:
While unheroically roaming the Backcountry that was the Champs-Desoles, our heroic Witcher was ambushed by a pack of ne'er-do-well highway robbers. He quickly dispatched the upstart traveler molesters, then prompted by curiosity, searched their encampment. He found an interesting letter.
The bandits had previously ambushed a group of scholars returning from an expedition to the Caroberta Woods. They got their just deserts soon after, when their boat, laden with loot, sank. It now rested somewhere at the bottom of the Sansretour River.
Combining work with pleasure, Geralt plunged into the relaxing, refreshing waters of the Sansretour. He quickly found the sunken boat and emptied the treasure chest hidden within it.


  • Read the letter containing orders.
  • Search for the sunken boat.


  • The name of the quest is a reference to the play Waiting for Godot (pronounced God-oh).
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