War of Daggers was a civil war in Temeria after the death of Raffard the White and later King Abdank, with the two biggest combatants being dukes of Ellander and Maribor.


Abdank was King of Temeria whose reign occurred around the 830s. Due to his mental disability, the actual power since the Six Years' War had been exerted by Raffard the White, Abdank's court mage-advisor. Raffard's death during the combat between supporters and opponents of the creation of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers caused the internal instability, which violently exacerbated after King Abdank's death.

Abdank had not left an heir, which caused the dukes of Maribor and Ellander to start a ruthless conflict for the Viziman throne.[1]

The war's course

The main argument of the rival parties trying to confirm their right to the throne was accusing the other of having a hand in Abdank's death. However, it was never certain who, if any, actually had a hand in the belated monarch's death as assassination was a common tactic for both sides.

At the beginning of the 11th century, Prince Adalbert of Maribor managed to lead his forces through a series of decisive victories and was crowned King Adalbert the First. He established the Mariborian branch of the Temerian Dynasty as the ruling family in the kingdom and, contrary to expectations, resolved to repair relations with Ellander, granting the duchy a great amount of autonomy.[1]


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