Warehouse of Woe is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Along the back wall of Harborside district, a human and a dwarf are arguing outside of a warehouse they share, accusing each other of placing a monster inside the building. Geralt can decide whether or not to intervene and discover the truth of the matter.

If you choose not to help, the guard will decide he's had enough and takes both of them to have the captain decide. Important: once you accept the quest, don't stray too far away, otherwise the quest will fail.

If you agree to take care of the monster, enter the warehouse to find a single nekker. Slay it, then use your Witcher Senses to find the only two clues: a cage with its bars sawed off and a large footprint, with Geralt noting it's possibly a dwarf's. Exit the warehouse and talk to the guard, telling him that you took care of the monster. You can do a number of options depending on what you found inside:

  • If you tell the guard you do not know how the monster got in, he takes the matter to his captain, finishing the quest.
  • If you tell him you found a cage (but didn't find the footprint) the guard will happily take both of them away and lock them up if neither of them confesses.
  • If you reveal the cage and found the footprint then you have two choices:
    • Accuse the human. He will protest that the nonhumans were working together and gets hauled away. The dwarf then chortles, saying that the man wasn't a racist, he just talked tough. When Geralt questions him further, the dwarf admits that the human wasn't smart enough to concoct a plan like that, then goes on his way.
    • Accuse the dwarf. He will deny the accusation and is taken away. The man remarks that he can't wait to watch the dwarf hang and that he will need help getting onto the stool.

Regardless what you say, as long as you dealt with the nekker you'll be rewarded with 25 Tw3 icon xp and 60 Oren3.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt can hardly spend a day in even the most seemingly idyllic village without being asked to kill a monster, so it should come as no surprise such requests came to him in Novigrad as well. On one occasion he was asked to clean a warehouse of nekkers. The two owners - a man and a dwarf - blamed each other for attracting the monsters there in a plot to gain sole control over the building.

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the monster.
  • Tell the guardsman what happened in the warehouse.