The following is based on Andrzej Sapkowski's non-Witcher lore so its exact relation to the Witcher universe remains unknown.

A nameless race referred to as "Watchers" (Polish: Czuwający) in ancient tomes of old Earth are an enigmatic species known to the Longaevi. They are characterized by their mastery over Fifth Element.

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While their real appearance is not described, the Watchers are known to look like mundane humans in numerous occasions. Beings able to see magical aura, such as elementa or mages, are capable to recognize Watchers due to the shape of their auras: one of them is like of bright gold around their skin and the other of light blue located behind their silhouette as if they were a cloak or "wings".

While they do not come from the Etheral Plane, they are masters of the Astral Magic. They are described not to be as numerous as they used to be, but as "everlasting" as the Longaevi and as dangerous as the Nefandi.[1]

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